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The first Sunday of August is designated as "Sisters Day" and our human thought it would be just the coolest thing to show close ups of us together.  I think my almond amber eyes are the cats meow, whereas Paprika's rounder green eyes make her look way too innocent.  Believe me, Paprika is NOT that innocent!  

Mom Carol also thought this was a great day to study our likenesses and differences as beloved calicos.  She thinks our orange, black, white and striped colorings are really cool (whereas we could care less!) 

Naturally as calicos, we enjoy looking "intense" from time to time, showing true calico spirit.  What we'd like to know is:  who is the fairest of us all?  (Okay that's not fair!) But if you'd like to weigh in...

Today we're joining The Cat On My Head's Sunday Selfie hop.  (Okay so we didn't take them ourselves, but its okay to have alittle help, right?



Happy National Campfire Day.  This day falls on the first Cat-ur-day of August, and is designed to honor the wonderful campfire one makes at dusk.  But that's not the good part for cats (nor are those costumes our human made us wear.  It's the BUGS!  Lots of  bugs to chase and sometimes catch and eat.  Paprika is really good at this while I'm good at snoopervising the chase.  Happy Cat-ur-day too! 

We're joining Athena & Marie's hop today!


National Day of the Cowboy Cat Hoe-down


Git Along Lil shadowrocket订阅更新方法
Click on Picture collage to see Cat Cowboy Show!
30 BOY Friends of Peaches & Paprika's Facebook page gathered for a true maverick event.  The boyz got dressed up in hats, guitars and even got new Western names--Casanova Cooper, Love Em & Leave 'em Boots and Easy Rider Plush, to name a few.  GIRLS! Looking for a boyfriend?  This all boy parade may yield a few prime candidates!  Click here to read more about National Day of The Cowboy.

We are joining Athena & Marie's Cat-ur-day Art Hop & Cat on My Head's Sunday Hop today!



shadowrocket下载Am I. Paprika, a floozy?  I think not, but everybody is talking about me, so now I'm not sure.  At my owner's request, I am TURNING MY BATON over to her for a description of last weeks' dinner and what I am accused of! -- Paprika the Cat

From Mom Carol:  

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"No I will not FEED you!"

My Friend Donna and her boyfriend Tim were my dinner guests last week for my birthday.  Miles:更新方法:一定要断开右下角的小“V”图标,点右上角有3个小点,选择“更新订阅!” 3、IOS平台 Shadowrocket(俗称“小火箭”) :)水果机需要一个美区的ID,国区由于历害国原因,下架了, 当然细心的二爷已经给你准备好了。 点这里找一下 也可伍来这个 ..."No I WILL not feed you!" I heard him suddenly say sternly.  With amusement I realized he was talking to Paprika.

"You cannot Have Any...and that's THAT"

Paprika has little food interest in food, especially human food. She won't even take a bite out of my tuna can.  I seriously doubted she had any interest in Tim's stir fry.  Yet a moment later I heard more conversations.  "I SAID you hero li: 是不是ios的这个小火箭版本太低了? 2.1.17(589 ...:2021-6-13 · 是不是ios的这个小火箭版本太低了? 2.1.17(589), 在appstore上好像也无法更新了, 已经下架了 - hero li 說在 社群 Shadowrocket 在 2021年6月13日星期六 15:00"  Apparently Paprika had not given up. "No, you Cannot..NO!"  Bemused, we all listened to Tim's conversation.

"No I Will NOT Bend Down and DO That"

Whaaaat?  关于Shadowrocket刷新订阅无法更新备注的问题 - MINIRPLUS:2021-3-17 · 最近发现Shadowrocket刷新订阅更新成功但是节点备注信息未更新,根据研究,发现是因为备注信息是写在节点的remark中,但是节点的配置信息没有修改的话在Shadowrocket这次版本更新之后会被判定为节点未更新,导致不进行remark的刷新,使得写 ...we heard him say.  I could not resist.  Wondering what it WAS he "would not do" I jumped up from my meal & went around to Tim's side of the table to see what was going ON down there.

Paprika In Love

To my astonishment, my FORMERLY shy cat lay SPRAWLED on her back ON Tim's foot, poking up her little orange tummy in his direction.  Her legs were askew, her front paws reached up & she was eyeing him beseechingly.  At the dinner table!  On her back!  It was obviously she had fallen in love & was hoping for some action!!!!


Tim, my clueless dinner guest clung to the theory she wanted a shrimp.  I knew better.  so that Tim could finish his dinner in peace, I feeling like a total idiot, crawled toward her to alleviate the situation so that she would NOT be deprived of her obvious tummy rub request.  But I was feeling stupider by the moment as I massaged her orange tummy.  My girlfriend Donna was in hysterics.  But Paprika purred happily and looked at me with a cunning not previously seen in this cat.

"Oh I didn't know she wanted THAT"

"I didn't know she wanted THAT" said innocent Tim.  Though I was not as shocked as the others如何使用Shadowrocket自动切换节点 - MINIRPLUS:2021-4-6 · Shadowrocket有一个功能是可伍自动对列表节点进行定时测速并切换到最快节点,如果某个节点无法访问,会自动进行切换而不需要手动进行干预,下面就是设置的方法。 打开Shadowrocket—》全局路由—》速度测试—》添加分组—》勾选节点—》返回—》启用URL测试—》完成设置 高级设置

"Paprika, you FLOOZY!"

"I didn't know you were such a little floozy" I said to her later.  She looked at me with an inscrutable expression...

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